Submit a link – Crochet Round Ups

I’d like to talk you through why and how you can submit a link for crochet pattern round ups. I regularly compile and publish crochet pattern round ups. I choose themes for various categories that I think my audience would enjoy. Submitting a link to take part in one of my crochet pattern round ups will give your designs more exposure and gain you more traffic to your blog or website.

What is a Round up?

A crochet pattern round up is a list of crochet patterns by various designers, usually with one theme in common. For example, 10 flower applique crochet patterns. The round up list shows an image of each crochet pattern with a brief description and a link back to the crochet pattern website. My biggest round up to date is the a-z crochet stitches which is updated regularly.

Why take part in a crochet pattern round up?

Business Benefits for You

  • Reach a new audience
  • More website backlinks will help your SEO
  • More traffic referred to your site

Business Benefits for me

  • I get to provide my audience with interesting content
  • You will be required to share the post on your social media, returning exposure

How To Submit a Link – Crochet Pattern Round Ups

To be considered for future crochet pattern round ups simply contact me giving your permission and providing a link to your website or blog.

By giving your permission you are agreeing to:

  • Your crochet pattern photo will be displayed on the post.
  • I will write a brief description of your design. I WILL NOT copy and paste your content.
  • I will link back to your crochet pattern. I WILL NOT publish your pattern on my site.
  • I will share the post on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok.
  • If you get chosen for a round-up you will be tagged on social media after the post is released.
  • Please share the post on social media, if everyone in the round up shares, we will all gain more traffic.

Before you apply

  • You must own a website or blog
  • Your designs must be your own
  • Your website must have some free crochet patterns to link to

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