Free Seasonal Crochet Patterns

Free seasonal crochet patterns for Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall and Winter. Great ideas for seasonal crochet projects to make all year round. You might also like my free crochet patterns for the holidays.

What seasonal crochet projects can I sell?

There are lots of seasonal crochet patterns to get you inspired all year round. You can keep stocked up with these free profitable crochet patterns too! You can use any of my crochet patterns to make and sell.

Text reading spring free crochet patterns. Image showing bunny outfit, butterfly, caterpillar and ladybug onesie.


Free crochet patterns for the season of spring including clothes, accessories, toys, appliques and homeware. Some spring crochet ideas include bugs, flowers, light clothing and blankets.

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Text reading Summer Free crochet Patterns. Images of doll in crochet summer romper, child in summery pink headband, crochet water balloons and a crochet sun applique.


Free summer crochet projects you might like including fashion items, appliques, toys, dolls clothes and homeware. Summer crochet ideas for the hot weather.

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Text reading Fall free crochet patterns. images of autumn themed crochet projects including pumpkins, witch costume, umbrella and beanie hat.

Fall / Autumn

Fall, also known as autumn crochet ideas include ideas including pumpkins, Halloween, warm fashion items and seasonal appliques.

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Text reading Winter free crochet patterns. Images of winter themed crochet projects including a bathrobe, polar bear amigurumi, scarf and Christmas tree.


Free seasonal crochet patterns for winter including warm clothes, scarves, hats, blankets, toys Christmas decorations and gifts for the holidays.

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Want more free crochet patterns?

Text reading free holidays crochet patterns. 4 images showing crochet projects for Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.


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