Free Halloween Amigurumi Patterns

If your looking for free Halloween amigurumi crochet patterns you have come to the right place! Seeing that Halloween is just around the corner, like many I’ve been searching the internet to find crochet patterns to celebrate the holiday. Although I’m not usually a big fan of Halloween, this year I’ve decided to get in to the Halloween spirit. With this in mind I’ve complied a list of my top ten favourite free Halloween amigurumi patterns and decided to share them with you. From seriously scary to scarily cute these crochet creations are all amazing and best of all totally free!

Free halloween amigurumi cat
Free crochet pattern by Tarturumies

1. Misha the cat

Free Halloween amigurumi pattern by Tarturumies

The black cat is often seen in Halloween decorations and is a thought to be a disguise used by witches. Despite that, Misha is utterly adorable and one of the prettiest Halloween cats I’ve seen!

Free Halloween amigurumi witch
Free crochet pattern by Jess Huff

2. Regina the witch

Free Halloween amigurumi pattern by Jess Huff

One of the first things that spring to mind for me when I hear ‘halloween’ is witches. This amigurumi witch looks fun and cuddly as well as spooky!

Free halloween amigurumi bat

3. Bat ornament

Free Halloween amigurumi pattern by Ollie + Holly

Without a doubt, this cute little bat decoration will look both spooky and adorable in your home this Halloween!

Free Halloween amigurumi voodoo doll
Free crochet pattern by Amigurumibb

4. Voodoo anyone?

Free Halloween amigurumi pattern by Amigurumibb

How irresistible are these amigurumi voodoo dolls?! I love this because of the attention to detail as well as the fact they’re available in both a boy or girl version.

Free Halloween Amigurumi Frankenstein
Free crochet pattern by spin a yarn crochet

5. Frankenstein’s monster

Free Halloween amigurumi pattern by Spin a yarn crochet

Surprisingly Frankenstein dates back to the early 1800’s. Even so, he is still as popular as he ever was, especially during Halloween.

Candy cane Amigurumi  pattern
By Grace and Yarn

6. Amigurumi Candy Corn

Free Halloween amigurumi pattern by Grace and Yarn

Halloween is just as much about the treats as it is the tricks. For that reason these little crocheted candy corns really are a treat!

Halloween ghost  crochet pattern
By 5 little monsters

7. Crochet ghost

Free Halloween amigurumi pattern by 5 little monsters

If your looking for a quick and easy Halloween amigurimi these little ghosts might be just what your looking for. In fact I think they’d look great decorating your home or even as toys for the little ones.

Free Halloween skeleton Pattern
By Sharon Mann for

8. Hanging crochet skeleton

Free Halloween amigurumi pattern by Sharon Mann for

This hanging crochet skeleton is one of the spookiest and most unique Halloween amigurumis I have found. He certainly will definitely make an impression in your home this Halloween!

Free Chucky Amigurumi
Free crochet pattern by Tales of twisted fibers

9. Not a nice guy

Free amigurumi pattern by takes of twisted fibres

This little guy is based on the horror movie Chucky and the attention to detail is second to none! I believe you’d have to be confident at tapestry and colour changing to make him but the results would definitely be worth it.

Free pumpkin Amigurumi
Free crochet pattern by Marrot Design

10. Pumpkin Kürby

Free Halloween pattern by Marrot Design

Who knew pumpkins could be cute and stylish all at the same time? Pumpkin Kürby is proof that they can be, and best of all the pattern is free and available in multiple languages.

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