Flippy Friends – Free Reversible Animal Crochet Patterns

Welcome to the home of the Flippy Friends. Here you will find the ever growing list of free reversible animal crochet patterns all in one place! Choose from a collection of reversible sea creatures, bugs, fantasy animals and cute pets. Check back soon for new characters.

Flippy Friends reversible animal amigurumi free crochet patterns
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The Flippy Friends Collection

More free reversible animal crochet patterns coming soon!

  • Sea Creatures
  • Pets
  • Bugs
  • Fantasy

Reversible Amigurumi Sea Creatures

Reversible whale amigurumi pattern

Reversible Whale Crochet Pattern

This cute reversible whale amigurumi is fast and easy to make. Simply turn inside-out to reveal a different coloured whale.

Reversible octopus amigurumi pattern

Reversible Octopus Crochet Pattern

This cute reversible octopus amigurumi is the easiest of all the Flippy Friends. The no-sew crochet pattern works up in a flash. Just like a real jellyfish or octopus he changes colour too!

Reversible turtle amigurumi pattern

Reversible Turtle Crochet Pattern

This adorable reversible turtle amigurumi is quick and easy to make. Simply pop it inside-out to reveal a different coloured tortoise.

Reversible Amigurumi Pets

Reversible bunny amigurumi pattern

Reversible Bunny Crochet Pattern

This pretty reversible bunny amigurumi is a great gift for Easter or anytime of year for rabbit fans. It’s great for boys or girls, simply remove the bow for a less girly looking bunny rabbit.

This free crochet pattern is coming soon! Cant wait? It’s already on Etsy.

Reversible cat amigurumi pattern

Reversible Cat Crochet Pattern

This flippy friend could be a cat or a tiger! You could even flip it between the two animals. Either way, its a fun reversible pet that kids will cherish.

Reversible Amigurumi Bugs

Reversible bee amigurumi pattern

Reversible Bee Crochet Pattern

This reversible amigurumi bee looks absolutely adorable, even when he’s mad! Simply flip the toy inside-out to reveal a new colour and facial expression on your bee.

Reversible caterpillar amigurumi pattern

Reversible Caterpillar Crochet Pattern

Kids will have lots of fun popping this caterpillars tummy’s. He’s a great project for using up leftover blanket yarn too!

Reversible Amigurumi Fantasy Pets

Reversible unicorn amigurumi pattern

Reversible Unicorn Crochet Pattern

There’s something so magical about unicorns, especially when they can flip into another colour plushie! This quick and easy crochet pattern makes a pretty unicorn toy complete with horn a colourful mane and of course, a magical horn!

Do you love the Flippy Friends?

Check back soon to see the growing collection of reversible blanket yarn animals.

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