Crochet Business of The week

Every Tuesday I post ‘Crochet Business of the Week’ on my Facebook Page. I like to connect and network with other crochet businesses including designers, creators, teachers, yarn suppliers, and so on. The short written interview introduces the ‘Business of the Week’ to my Facebook followers so they can discover new pages to follow and the business gains more exposure.

Why Take Part?

Business Benefits For You

  • More exposure for your crochet business
  • Reach a new audience on Facebook
  • People get to know you and your business through the written interview
  • More people get to see photos of your work
  • Network with Memory Lane Crochet

Business Benefits for Me

  • I get to provide my audience with interesting content
  • You will be required to share the post on your Facebook page, returning exposure
Crochet business of the week networking promo
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How to take part in Crochet Business of the week

Taking part in ‘Crochet business of the week’ is easy. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Answer the 6 questions below, return it to
  2. Share the post to your Facebook page within 48 hours.

How to answer the questions

  1. Copy and paste these questions to a word document or an email draft
  2. Answer all of the questions
  3. Email the completed questions to

The Questions

Q1 – Your Basic Info
  • Your Name:
  • Business Name:
  • Facebook link:
  • Email Address (for my reply only):
  • Business type (eg, designer, shop etc):
Q2 – Tell us a bit about yourself?

(EG. Name of your business. Where are you from? Do you work? Who do you live with? Do you have other hobby’s? Do you have pets? How old are you? Etc)

Q3 – When did you start to crochet any why?

(EG. Who taught you, how old were you, what did you first make? How it led to a business. Etc)

Q4 – Answer 1 only:
  • What do you design?
  • What do you sell?
  • What do you make?
  • What services do you offer?

(EG. Do you have a niche? What’s your best seller? Who is your target market? Etc. )

Q5 – Answer 1 only:
  • Where can we find your patterns?
  • Where can we buy your items?
  • How can we find your services?

(EG. Country’s you ship to, local only, selling platforms, blog, social media, shops, craft fairs etc)

Q6 – Finally, what’s your crocheting top tip?

(EG. Business tip, learning tip, designing tip, selling tip, buying tip, etc.)

By returning these completed questions you are agreeing to:

  • Have these 6 answers published on Memory Lane Crochet’s Facebook Page
  • Have your logo and 2 photos chosen by & posted on Memory Lane Crochet’s Facebook Page
  • Share the post to YOUR business Facebook page linking back to Memory Lane Crochet
  • Please return your answers to

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