Free Christmas Pudding Applique Crochet Pattern

Free Christmas Pudding Applique Crochet Pattern
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Christmas pudding crochet pattern

Thanks for checking out my Christmas pudding crochet pattern. I love Christmas pudding and I love crochet! So I combined the two together and this is what I come up with. I’m going to be making a few of these little puddings to decorate my Christmas tree this year and I’m also going to glue some to handmade Christmas cards. I’d love to see what you do with yours. Be sure to tag me if you share your make online (links above)

Christmas pudding description

This Christmas pudding crochet pattern has many uses. When assembled it’s quite stiff so as well as an appliqué you could use it alone as a brooch, fridge magnet, Christmas tree decoration, Christmas card topper…. the list is endless! Alternatively the appliqués can be sewn onto almost any of your crochet creations to make them look festive.

How it’s made

To make to Christmas pudding I used DK (weight 3) yarn in 4 colours. I chose to use traditional brown, cream, green and red. The appliqué measures between 5.5/6.5cm depending one your hook size. Using a 3mm crochet hook will give you a 5.5cm pudding, additionally using a 4mm crochet hook will give you a 6.5cm Christmas pudding. The crochet pattern is easy to make. That being said you will need to know how to start with a magic ring. You’ll also need to know how to increase along with basic crochet stitches. The pudding is made in 3 parts and they will need to be sewn together so you will need a very basic knowledge of sewing to complete the pattern.

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Paid or free crochet pattern

This pattern is available in both free and paid versions. Scroll down for the free crochet pattern for the Christmas pudding appliqué. Paid pattern includes the following –

  • Christmas pudding crochet pattern
  • Progress photos
  • Print friendly PDF file
  • Advert free
  • Helps to support Memory Lane crochet

You can purchase from my Etsy or Ravelry store on the following links –

Copyright notice

This pattern in whole or in any part may not be copied, sold, distributed or altered in any way.

Completed items may be sold in small quantities (not mass produced).

Please credit myself ‘Memory Lane Crochet’ (Rose Hudd) as the designer when advertising or publishing photos online.

Please feel free to share my pattern. When sharing the free pattern please only share the link to the pattern. Please DO NOT share screenshots or paid PDF files.

Free Christmas pudding crochet pattern

This free crochet pattern will help you create a little Christmas pudding appliqué. You can purchase the crochet pattern in a advert free, printable pdf file from my Etsy or Ravelry store.

Crochet pattern info

Hook sizes

3mm crochet hook

4mm crochet hook


DK yarn in 5 colours. I used ‘King Cole Pricewise DK’

A – brown

B – cream

C – green

D – red

Click here to learn about yarn weights



Click here to see U.K. translations


MR – Magic ring

ch – Chain

sl st – Slip stitch

st/sts – Stitch/stitches

sp/sps – Space/spaces

rep – Repeat

sk – Skip

sc – Single crochet

hdc – Half double crochet

dc – Double crochet

tr – Treble crochet

inc – Increase (2 stitches in 1 space)

cl – 4dc cluster stitch

Gauge / Tension

Gauge is important as everyone crochets with a different tension. If your 2” swatch doesn’t match up you can change your hook size to suit your tension.

3mm hook – 2” x 2” = 12 rows of x 13 sc

4mm hook – 2” x 2” square = 10 rows of 9 sc

Crochet pattern notes

I do not count chains in my stitch count.

Numbers in brackets are the number of rounds/stitches.

Stitches separated with a comma are to made in separate spaces eg. (sc, inc) would mean sc in first stitch then inc in next stitch.


You will need the following supplies to complete the project (links will take you directly to my recommended supplies) 

– Crochet hooks 

– Tapestry needle

– DK yarn

– Stitch markers (optional)

– scissors

Christmas pudding crochet pattern

3mm hook = Diameter 5.5cm

4mm hook = Diameter 6.5cm


Round 1

Use yarn colour A

sc x 6 into MR

sl st to join & ch 1

(6 sts)

Did you know?

You can purchase an advert free, printable copy of this pattern for less than the price of a coffee! Plus you help support Memory Lane crochet
Round 2

inc x 6

sl st to join & ch 1

(12 sts)

Round 3

(inc, sc) x 6

sl st to join & ch 1

(18 sts)

Round 4

(inc, sc x 2) x 6

sl st to join & ch 1

(24 sts)

Round 5

(inc, sc x 3) x 6

sl st to join & ch 1

(30 sts)

Round 6

(inc, sc x 4) x 6

sl st to join & fasten off

(36 sts)


Row 1

Use yarn colour B

sc x 3 into MR

ch 1 & turn

(3 sts)

Row 2

inc x 3

ch 1 & turn

(6 sts)

Row 3

(inc, sc) x 3

ch 1 & turn

(9 sts)

Row 4

(inc, sc x 2) x 3

ch 1 & turn

(12 sts)

Row 5

(inc, sc x 3) x 3

ch 1 & turn

(15 sts)

Row 6

(inc, sc x 4) x 3

ch 1

(18 sts)

Row 7

Work along flat side of semi circle

sc x 12

ch 1 & turn

(12 sts)

Row 8

Work into row 7

(tr, sl st) x 6

Fasten off leave long tail for sewing

(12 sts)

Cherry topper

Row 1

Use yarn colour C

ch x 10

sl st x 1 in 2nd ch from hook

(sc, hdc, sc, sl st) x 2

Fasten off, weave in ends

(9 sts)

Row 2

Use yarn colour D

Join yarn into middle sl st of row 1

Cl x 1, ch

Fasten off, leave tail for sewing

(1 st)


Sew cream onto your pudding, then sew on cherry. Weave in ends.

Christmas pudding crochet pattern

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