Here I have listed all my crochet patterns so you can easily browse though the topics that interest you most. If you know exactly what your looking for you can simply type it into the search bar below.

All free crochet patterns

All crochet patterns

Here you can find a list of all my patterns. If your not quite sure what your looking for, or even if you just fancy a browse you can check out a list of all my designs here. I hope you enjoy and find your next project!

Free Christmas crochet patterns

Christmas crochet patterns

Are you looking for crochet patterns to help you create Christmas gifts or decorations? There’s plenty of Christmas themed designs here to choose from.

Crochet appliqués

Crochet appliqués

Here you will find a collection of appliqué patterns. Personally I love appliqués! They’re so quick and easy, they use up scraps of yarn and also add a personal touch to your items.

Crochet homeware

Crochet Homeware

This category is all about homeware. If you love crochet I have no doubt you’d like some pieces brightening up your living space.

Crochet toys

Crochet Toys

Crocheting toys is by far one of my favourite things to do. I just love to see the look on my children’s faces when they receive them and know they’ll have as much fun playing with them as I did making them.

Crochet dolls house

Fashion doll crochet patterns

After buying my daughters a wooden dolls house I couldn’t resist giving it some personality by updating it with crochet furniture and accessories. These patterns are specifically designed for 12” fashion dolls and 1:6 scale doll houses.

Crochet for children

Children’s crochet patterns

Here you will find patterns for children’s wearables and fashion accessories.

Baby crochet patterns

Baby crochet patterns

Who doesn’t love crocheting for a new arrival? There’s no better excuse to get your hook out than the exiting news of a new baby! Here you will find crochet patterns for babies .

Crochet blogger

Crochet guides

Here you will find my general crochet blog posts. If I see some bargains on yarn or crochet items I just can’t keep them to myself! Similarly, I like to share posts of my favourite crochet patterns by other talented designers.

Halloween crochet pattern

Halloween crochet patterns

If you are one of the many people who celebrate Halloween you can find patterns to get you into the Halloween spirit here.