Free Bunny Sleep Mask Crochet Pattern

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Bunny sleep mask crochet pattern

Thanks for checking out my Bunny sleep mask crochet pattern. Sleep masks are a great sleep aid for children, especially to help them nod off on light summer nights and daytime naps. They also make fun blindfolds too! This cute eye mask is part of my bunny nightwear collection. Check out my matching Bunny Dolls Onesie crochet pattern, a matching kids bunny onesie pattern is coming soon too!

Bunny sleep mask description

The bunny sleep mask is suitable for all ages. Its designed for kids but it will certainly fit adults too! The sleep mask is thick and sturdy and is decorated with bunny ears, a cute little nose and sleepy eyes. The mask has elastic around the back to hold it to the head.

How it’s made

The bunny sleep mask crochet pattern is easy skill level. You will need to know all your basic crochet stiches as well as good sewing and tapestry skills. Overall its a very fast, easy crochet pattern. To make the crochet eye mask I used Aran (weight 4) yarn in 3 colours. I also used a 5mm crochet hook, elastic and a sharp sewing needle. The eye mask uses approximately 29g (58m/65yd) of yarn.

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Paid or free crochet pattern

The bunny sleep mask crochet pattern is available in both free and paid versions. Simply scroll down for the free pattern. Alternatively, the paid crochet pattern includes the following –

  • Bunny sleep mask crochet pattern.
  • Progress photos.
  • Print friendly PDF file.
  • Advert free.
  • Helps to support Memory lane crochet.

You can purchase the pattern from my Etsy or Ravelry store on the following links –

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Bunny sleep mask free crochet pattern

This free crochet pattern will help you create a bunny sleep mask. However, you can purchase your very own copy of the crochet pattern in a advert free, printable pdf file from my Etsy or Ravelry store.

Crochet pattern info

Safety Disclaimer

Not suitable for babies. Children must be supervised at all times while wearing sleep masks. Please remove sleep masks when children are sleeping or when they are unsupervised. Sleep masks are entirely for use at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any accidents arising from their use


  • 5mm crochet hook
  • Worsted yarn
  • 32cm elastic
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle


  • Weight – Aran / Worsted / #4
  • Brand – Stylecraft special aran
  • A – White 31 yards
  • B – Fondant 31 yards
  • C – Black 3 yards
  • Total – 65 yards


USA Terminology (U.K. translation)

  • ch – Chain
  • dc – Double crochet
  • 2dc/4dc – 2/4 dc in 1 space (increase)
  • hdc – Half double crochet
  • 2hdc/4hdc – 2/4 hdc in 1 space (increase)
  • sc – Single crochet
  • 2sc/4sc – 2/4 sc in 1 space (increase)
  • sl st – Slip stitch
  • st/sts – Stitch/Stitches

Sizes & Gauge

  • 2” x 2” gauge swatch = 6 rows of 7 hdc
  • Mask width – 18cm
  • Height – 8cm
  • Height including ears – 15cm

Pattern notes

  • Finishing slip stitches and chains are not included in the stitch counts.
  • Stitches separated with a comma are to be made in separate spaces. eg. (sc, dc) would mean sc in first stitch then dc in the next stitch. eg. (2hdc, hdc x 2) would mean 2hdc in first stitch, 1hdc in second stitch, then 1hdc in next stitch.
  • Start in same stitch.

Free bunny sleep mask crochet pattern

Sleep Mask

Make 2, 1 in colour A (white) and 1 in colour B (fondant).

Round 1

ch x 18 then start

2hdc in 2nd ch from the hook

hdc x 15

5hdc in last ch

hdc x 15 in ch’s on the opposite side

3hdc in last ch

sl st to join to 1st st & ch 1

40 sts

Did you know?

You can purchase an advert free, printable copy of this pattern for less than the price of a coffee! Plus you help support Memory Lane crochet
Round 2

2hdc x 3, hdc x 15, 2hdc x 5, hdc x 15, 2hdc x 2

sl st to join to 1st st & ch 1

50 sts

Round 3

(2hdc, hdc) 3 times

hdc x 15

(2hdc, hdc) 5 times

hdc x 15

(2hdc, hdc) 2 times

sl st to join to 1st st & ch 2

60 sts

Round 4

• 2dc, hdc x 2

(2hdc, hdc x 2) 2 times

hdc x 15

(2hdc, hdc x 2) 2 times

2hdc, dc x 2

(2dc, dc x 2) 2 times

2dc, hdc, sc, sl st x 9, sc, hdc, 2dc

(dc x 2, 2dc) 2 times

sl st to join to 1st st, fasten off & weave in ends.

72 sts

Eyes & Nose

Use yarn colour C (black) and B (fondant).

Make some eyes, nose and mouth using tapestry.

Sleep mask assembly

Use yarn colour A (white).

Place both pieces together, wrong sides facing each other.

The front mask (colour A) should be facing you.

Insert your hook through both pieces at the sc on the right hand side.

sl st x 63 until you reach the last sc on the left side.

Sew together the last 9 sl st sts. Ensure you keep the lines the same as the sl sts.

Fasten off and weave in ends.


Make 2.

Round 1

• Start with yarn colour B (fondant)

• ch x 11 and start in 2nd ch from hook

• sc, hdc x 2, dc x 4, hdc x 2, sc

• ch 1 & turn to work in opposite side of chains

• sc, hdc x 2, dc x 4, hdc x 2, sc

• ch 1 & sl st to 1st st & ch 1

(20 sts and 2 chs)

Round 2

• Change to yarn colour A (white)

• blo sc x 22 in all stitches and chains

• sl st to 1st st & fasten off

(22 sts)

Round 3

• Use yarn colour A (white) to start separate piece.

• ch x 11 and start in 2nd ch from hook

• sc, hdc x 2, dc x 4, hdc x 2, sc

• ch 1 & turn to work in opposite side of chains

• sc, hdc x 2, dc x 4, hdc x 2, sc

• ch 1 & sl st to 1st st & ch 1

(20 sts)

Round 4

• sc x 22 in all stitches and chains

• sl st to 1st st & ch 1

(22 sts)

Round 5

• Place both pieces together wrong sides facing each other

• sl st x 22 around both pieces to join them together

• Fasten off and sew onto mask.

(22 sts)


Cut 32cm of elastic.

Sew the elastic onto the mask, 3cm overlapping each side mask. (26cm should go around the head)

Using your crochet hook pull the excess elastic inside the mask to hide them.

Weave in all ends and your sleep mask is complete.

Free bunny sleep mask crochet pattern

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