5 Minute Water Balloons – Free Crochet Pattern

The hottest day on record seems like the perfect time to release my new 5 minute water balloons free crochet pattern! These small crochet water balloons are a quick and easy project, ideal for making a fast batch before the kids get home from school. The beginner friendly crochet pattern will help your children cool down this Summer, and their great fun too! Crochet water bombs are very profitable! They’re fast, easy and use up hardly any yarn.

Reusable water balloons crocheted out of super bulky blanket yarn. 4 mixed colour water balloons.
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How they work

The crochet water balloons are simply dipped in water and thrown. The super bulky blanket yarn absorbs the water creating eco-friendly reusable water balloons. Having water fights with these water bombs is so much easier than filling up traditional water balloons, plus it leaves no mess! Check out some more of my free crochet toy patterns.

Water balloons: Free crochet patterns

Water balloons crochet pattern instant download
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Lets crochet a water balloon in 5 minutes…



  • Weight – Super bulky / Super chunky / #6
  • Brand – Marriner get cosy blanket yarn
  • Total – 25 yards per balloon


USA Terminology – (Translate to UK)

  • ch – Chain
  • dc – Double crochet
  • 2dc – 2 dc in 1 space (increase)
  • dc2tog – dc 2 together (decrease)
  • MR – Magic ring
  • sc – Single crochet
  • 3sc – 3 sc in 1 space (increase)
  • sl st – Slip stitch
  • st / sts – Stitch / stitches


  • Height 4.75” x Width 3.5″

Pattern notes

  • Chains are not included in the stitch count.
  • Stitches separated with a comma are to be made in separate spaces. EG. “dc, dc2tog” would mean “double crochet in first space, double crochet 2 together in the next spaces”.

Important Information

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Let’s begin the free crochet pattern

5 Minute Water Balloons

Round 1
  • Make a magic ring
  • ch x 2, dc x 12
  • sl st to first st & ch x 2

12 st

Did you know…

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Round 2
  • dc x 12
  • sl st to first st & ch x 2

12 sts

Round 3
  • (dc, dc2tog) 4 times
  • sl st to first st & ch x 2

8 sts

Round 4
  • dc2tog x 4
  • sl st to first st & ch x 1

4 sts

Round 5
  • 3sc x 4
  • sl st to first st & fasten off
  • Weave in tail and leave it to hang out of the middle of the balloon

12 sts

You made it!

How long did it take you to make the 5 minute water balloons free crochet pattern? More importantly, who did you throw the first one at? Tag me on your socials and let me know!

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